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About Us

Frontier Americana of Fargo has its roots in the ‘50s TV cereals and Saturday afternoon movies.   My love for the American West, its characters, tales and tools only grew over the years.  Antique firearms became my primary interest in the early ‘70s and new “rage” of cowboy collectables only validated my long held theory of their importance.  Forty years in the business has not dimmed my excitement or interest in the people and events of America’s western expansion.  Names like Hawken, Winchester, Colt, Moran, Collins, Remington, Russel, Earp and Cody still excite my imagination, now from a more studious perspective.

Along with my own business I have been honored with the trust of Mr. Brian Lebel (no, I’m not his bodyguard) and am now firearms consultant to his Old West Events, the Mesa and Ft Worth Shows and Auctions. You’ll have to look a long way to find better people than Brian, Melissa and their staff.  “Reputation Matters”  

So, take a look at the site.  If I can assist you in any way, let me know.  But realize you are facilitating a hopeless “old west-a-holic”