Pete Erickson
PO Box 887
Fargo, ND 58107


Americana, Antiques, Frontier Collectibles

Lists a wide array of collectable items. Covers cowboy items from makers like Miles City Saddlery, Furstnow, Collins, Frazier, Gallup, Coggshall, Shelly, Meanea, Porter, Myers, Clark, Shipley and Heiser.

Bowie knives from major American and Sheffield makers and edged items of various description (custom knives, swords, dirks, axes).

Native American bead work and collectibles; Lakota, Nakota, Dakota, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Ojibwa, Cree & Metis.

U.S.  United States Militaria of the 18th and 19th centuries.
Furniture with and without horns.

Miscellaneous collectibles such as cartridges, bullet molds, loading tools, grips, handcuffs, badges, powder flasks & horns, book ends, hat racks and so on.

Listing of the holsters, cartridge belts, saddle scabbards in our inventory.
Listing of the wide variety of antiques & collectibles in our inventory. Includes powder flasks, powder horns, bullet molds, loading tools, peace officer collectibles (badges, hand cuffs, come-alongs), gambling collectibles (hold-outs, case keepers, card cutters & presses), pistol grips, furniture (gambling table, library tables, display cases), collectible ammunition, boot jacks, wooden ammunition boxes, express agency signs
Listing of all the knives, swords, bayonets in our inventory
Listing of all of the working cowboy gear in our inventory. Includes saddles, chaps, horse hair and leather quirts, reins & headstalls, spurs, hats, cuffs

Listing of all the non-weapon U. S. military gear in our inventory. Includes Civil War, Indian Wars, Span Am
U.S. Army, Cavalry, etc accouterments and tools up to and including the Span-Am War

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