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Joseph Manton Rifle AX778

Price: $4500.00

.62 cal, NVSN, 31 inch octagon barrel, all iron furniture, checkered wrist walnut stock, wood has shrunken slightly, drum style conversion from flint, hammer safety, original sights, original ram rod, double key forearm, silver wrist escutcheon with initials, gold Manton mark on top flat of barrel near breech, gold collar at breech, listed in "The Manton" by D. H. L. Back.


With the conformation, size, caliber and condition of this rifle...if the barrel or lock said "Hawken" or "Demick" instead of "Manton" we would ask 10 times the price.  Do you buy wine for the quality or the label?


Condition: sharp deep rifling, barrel retains 99% of original finish, iron parts have sharp tasteful engraving, stock is excellent with some figure in the wood, excellent mechanically, excellent marks.


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