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Colt SAA with King's Improved Sights Z694

Price: $4500.00

#352687, .38 Special, 5 1/2 inch barrel, blued and case colored, Colt hard rubber grips, not sure just where the installation of the sights occurred. 

Letter accompanying the revolver lists it as a .32-20, 5 1/2 inch blue. rubber, shipped to Tom Padgitt in Waco, May 16, 1929. "The records further indicate that the subject revolver was returned to the factory on June 3, 1929 and subsequently shipped to Odell Hardware Company, Greensboro, NC on April 14, 1930.  Subject revolver was again returned to the factory on April 24, 1930.  Further disposition of subject revolver is unavailable."

Seems no one wanted this revolver.  Was it a test to see if the new caliber with custom sights would sell?

Condition:  Bore is mint, 95% blue overall, drag line on cylinder, 90% case colors, faded on loading gate, excellent grips, mechanically excellent, excellent markings

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