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S&W No 1 1/2 Engraved and Dedicated B110

Price: $2900.00

.32rf, #23477, 3 1/2 inch octagon barrel, blue finish, 2 piece ivory grips, very well rendered period engraving, dedicated to S. B. Caswell on back strap, shipped to

J. W. Storrs, New York City,, not factory engraved, 1868.


Mr Caswell is listed as being born in Massachusetts in 1828, died in California in 1898.  Pioneered a method of hydraulic gold mining in Nevada Co, CA.  Opened a general merchandise store with John Ellis in Los Angeles circa 1865.  Served on the Los Angeles Common Council 1869-1870.


Condition: excellent bore, most blue flaked with surface turning a pleasing blue, excellent grips, excellent engraving, excellent mechanically, excellent marks.

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