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Percussion Conversion from Flint, Trade Gun Confirmation PNR658

Price: $550.00

.69 cal, NVSN, 47 inch smooth bore barrel, iron barrel and lock, brass trigger guard/butt plate/ram rod thimble, pinned part round barrel, Belgian proofed, walnut full stock, "Lane and Reed/Boston" on lock plate, lock plate laid in with new piece of wood, drum type conversion, circa 1800.

Conformation of barrel, trigger guard and butt identical to British "Chief's Guns" from the War of 1812 era.

Condition: bore is dark with black powder oxidation the length of the barrel, iron is silver to plum brown overall, brass is dark with age, wood has shrunk slightly, very good marks, excellent mechanically, has "the look" for a fire place piece.

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